About us

The Muslim-Jewish High School Leadership Council offers a select group of Muslim and Jewish high school students the opportunity to, build their leadership skills, create lasting relationships across faith boundaries and have an impact on important social issues in Los Angeles.

An Advisory Board of Muslim and Jewish communal professionals under the leadership of Rabbi Sarah Bassin of NewGround and Soha Yassine of the Islamic Center of Southern California have built a partnership to provide this opportunity for a cadre of teen leaders in Los Angeles.  The City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission is proud to support the project.

Seven Muslim and seven Jewish teens will be selected to participate in a one-year council experience.  The program will begin with a fall retreat to build relationships and educate students about Islam and Judaism in America.  Students will then learn from a variety of communal leaders throughout the fall semester how Muslim and Jewish organizations respond to important social issues.  During the spring semester, students will then develop their own joint Muslim-Jewish response to a social issue they deem most important.  Upon completion of the fellowship, council members will be bestowed with a certificate from the City of Los Angeles in appreciation of their willingness to move beyond differences and contribute to improving intergroups relations in Los Angelestrengthening Muslim-Jewish relations.

 Program Goals

  1. Participants will establish relationships with adherents of the other religious tradition that will extend beyond high school and into college.
  2. Participants will gain exposure to Muslim and Jewish communal infrastructure and learn basic similarities and differences as well as strengths and weaknesses
  3. Participants will build analytical, communication and conflict transformation skills
  4. Participants will learn effective event planning  and will carry out one or more social action project.